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Northwest New Mexico Emmaus Community
Where is my Reunion Group Meeting?  When are we meeting?

Next Gatherings (latest)

○ Los Alamos has their Gathering the first Monday of every month. That would be today! the address is 715 Diamond Dr, Los Alamos 87544. This group has been Gathering for around 30 years and is a staple to the NWNM Emmaus Community. The Gathering will start at 6pm with worship to follow.

○ 1 st Mondays – Cotttonwood Emmaus in Los Alamos @ FUMC, 6p 
○ 1 st Fridays – Peralta UMC – Time? 
○ 3 rd Friday – NW Community w/ occasional Saturdays – Time? 
○ 4 th Friday – West Side @ RRUMC – Time? 
○ 4 th Sunday – Santa Fe @ St. John’s UMC – Time? 

● Next Board Meeting - Saturday November 9th.  It will at Peralta Memorial UMC. the address is 25 Wesley Rd, Peralta 87042. We will be discussing the last Women's Walk and the future of the NWNM Emmaus Community. We do need more Board members as most if the current members are doing multiple duties. Our Community is growing stronger as evidence of the Walk's we have had the last 3 years. The Lord is working in our our area and in our leaders, and we need to continue to grow. Please prayerfully consider how you can help be a part of this great Community. 


Your Emmaus group reunion is the most important part of your Fourth Day. Be diligent in setting up a reunion group, and remain faithful to it. Don’t be afraid to change groups if you don’t feel comfortable in the one you join. 
Emmaus Community Gatherings: There are several Community Gatherings held throughout the month. These are the locations of the Gatherings: Dates and locations are subject to change. 
3rd Friday of the month; Albuquerque Area. This location changes each month and is announced by email. 
6:30 PM potluck, meeting and worship follows meal. 
1st Monday of the month; Los Alamos Area. First UMC Los Alamos.  
6:00 PM potluck, meeting and worship follows meal. 
1st Friday of the month; Peralta/Valencia County Area. Peralta Memorial UMC 
6:30 PM potluck, meeting and worship follows meal. 
4th Friday of the month; Albuquerque West Side Area. Rio Rancho UMC 
6:30 PM potluck, meeting and worship to follow. 
2nd Monday of the Month; Gallup Area. First UMC Gallup. These Gatherings are postponed at this time. 
4th Sunday of the Month, Santa Fe Area. St John’s UMC Santa Fe 
5:00 PM potluck, meeting and worship to follow. 
Spouses, family and friends are welcome to come to any Gathering. This is a good place to meet others in the Emmaus Community and is a great opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the Walk, or discuss the Walk in general. 
The NWNM Emmaus Community is governed by a Board of Directors. This group, which includes the Lay Director and the Spiritual Director, meets regularly to discuss difficulties and solutions for upcoming Walks, to formulate policy, to select future weekend Lay/Spiritual Directors and help with team selection. You may become part of the Board, or give any feed back or suggestions by emailing the Board at If you are interested in working an upcoming Walk, you can also send an email or download a volunteer sheet from the website and send to the PO Box listed on the form. 
The Walk to Emmaus in an instrument of Christian revitalization. Its purpose is to help train leaders who will become solid leaders in their own churches and communities.

NWNM Emmaus Information can be found at these locations: 
Address: PO Box 3624 Albuquerque, NM 87190